About Trackside3D

Trackside3D is a brand of downloadable 3D Models for 4mm Model Railways. It is part of the oorail project which was launched in November 2011 to promote and innovate British OO scale Model Railways. 


Needed Products

Every product we build has originated from a need or problem that we needed to solve while building the large layout at oorail. This modeling first approach has led to innovative products like our working cable trough system, track cleaning fluid filler, ballast bins, mix and match accessories and modular lineside equipment. 


Based on Prototype

Every new product design is based on a real prototype scaled down to 4mm. Our research starts with review our library of technical drawings, railway standards and other design documents. The next phase involves looking for real examples within our large archive of railway photographs, a growing library of press photography and our vast library of historical railway publications. From time to time, we may even physically acquire or get measurements directly from a historical item (signs, tools, lamps etc). 


Consult our Advisers

Whether it is to seek clarification or simply get the nod of approval, our final stage is to ask our panel of advisers for their opinion of our pre-release product. Our panel of advisers includes retired railway and industry professionals.


Optimized 3D Printing

All of our 3D models are carefully designed to maximize the success of the print, regardless of who is printing the model. This includes minimizing the need for support material, recommending specific rotation and material settings. Each print is tested and retested before being made available to the public. We test both PLA and ABS filament.


What makes us different

Trackside3D and oorail exist because we enjoy model railways. Our goal is to create products that help make model railways more enjoyable, affordable and accessible to everyone. We are here to blend skills from the past with the technology of the future. 

We guarantee:

  • Our products are true to the prototype as possible
  • Always identify design decisions needed to overcome technical limitations
  • Always deliver the best possible product
  • Products will never be out of stock
  • Instant Delivery via the Internet
  • Fair and Reasonable Pricing
  • Deliver a sustainable range of 4mm products
  • Provide a focus on frustration free modeling
  • Mindful that your time is valuable and optimize our designs as much as possible