T3D-001-001 Sleepers Short Flat Design, Code 100 x 7

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This 3D model produces a set of 7, shortened code 100 sleepers. The sleepers are designed to fit flex track that is installed near point-work or diamond crossings. The shortened sleeper is designed to fit the end of the flex track that is next to the junction. Full sized sleepers are too large and are impeded by the sleepers on the track branching away from the function. This product provides a solution to that problem. This product is designed for easy installation of sleepers under installed flex track, such as Peco or Hornby code 100 flexible track.

Individual Sleeper Dimensions: 25x3x1.75 mm

Print Dimensions (varies depending on print settings): 25x33x1.8 mm

Print time (at 30mm/sec): 10 minutes

Recommended Material: PLA

Material Usage: 0.6 m (~ 2g)

Print Considerations: Support material should be disabled, designed to print in small format printers such as M3D Micro. Build plate adhesion is optional.