T3D-002-012 Lineside Fencing (Post and Rail Style)

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This 3D model produces a length of Post and Rail Style fencing. For best results we recommend printing at the highest possible resolution your 3D printer can handle, we typically use 0.1mm line height as the quality is improve, the print time and material usage over lower settings is negligible compared to the results. This model will produce about a 189mm length of fencing. Fencing is flexible and narrow enough that it can be easily cut or bent as needed when using PLA.

Print Dimensions (vary depending on print settings):189x18x1.5mm

Print time (at 30mm/sec): 38 minutes

Recommended Material: PLA

Material Usage: 0.64m (~2g)

Print Considerations: Disable support material, build plate adhesion is optional (we use skirt or brim depending on the printer). For this model we recommend between 50% and 100% fill. For best results we recommend a 100% fill rate. We recommend using skirt or no plate adhesion for a higher quality result.